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We build a lot of wheels with hub dynamos for our growing number of randonneuring customers. The best quality hub, and the one we nearly always are asked to use, is the Schmidt SON Delux. We stock this model but we can order other models.

Price: $310

The favorite choice of headlamps among our randonneuring customers is the Schmidt Edelux. We now have the new Edelux II.

Price: $230

We can order these and many other high performance lights for your bike.
Kimura battery powered flashlight/stand light
machined from billet

price: $165

Kimura battery powered billet tail light (model no. TL-07)

price: $125

Kimura dynamo powered tail light (designed to be brazed onto custom frames) (model no. TL-06)

price: $95

dynamo powered tail light
Bracket for head or tail light
Where the light needs to be offset to fit as illustrated in the photo at the top of this page. Screws included.

price: $12

Kimura billet reflectors

35mm  diameter:  $55
38mm: $60
42mm: $65

Kiley USB battery powered taillight. (This is now being sold under the Kiley brand name, but is the same light as the Grand Bois. Product number LM-017R. Info:

This nice looking and very bright LED taillight comes with hardware to mount on a standard seat tube braze-on or fender stays or standard frame eyelets and more. Recharge with USB. Has both steady and flashing modes. Press the center of the lens to turn on or change modes.

price: $35

Grand Bois battery taillight
Spanninga Pixeo tail lights

Designed for mounting on a fender, these LED tail lights provide excellent visibility and elegant looks. Three versions:
The Xs is dynamo/generator powered. The Xb and Xba are battery powered (by 2 AAA batteries). All are non-blinking and very bright.

Xs: $18
Xb: $24
Xba: $26