The Frames

Hiroshi Iimura has been designing bicycle frames for over 40 years. The frames featured at Jitensha Studio are built to his specifications by various frame builders depending on the kind of bike. Custom bikes are built to order. For those who want a high quality hand made frame for a more reasonable amount, we offer the TONBO, EBISU, and the EBISU SPECIAL.

Details and prices below

Fully Custom Bicycles

Designed by Hiroshi Iimura and ordered from the framebuilder he feels is best for the particular design. The possibilities are endless. Randonneur or touring bikes in the French tradition or otherwise, camping bikes using 650B wheels, tandems, as well as traditional steel racing bikes. The custom options are virtually unlimited except that all bikes are steel, and generally lugged in construction. These bikes are of the highest quality construction and finish possible and are our most expensive.

About the EBISU Bicycle

The bicycle market has come to be dominated by high performance racing-style frames. Using high tech materials, they offer superior functionality for pure racing applications. Very few of us would describe our primary cycling activity as racing; nevertheless it has become very hard to find a bicycle that provides versatile, lively and relaxing riding, that is well crafted, pleasing to the eye, and moderately priced.

The Ebisu is designed to be the alternative—a bike that offers a great riding experience combined with satisfying esthetics at a very reasonable price. This is a frame that is suited to serious riding. It offers a lively but comfortable ride. It is versatile, fun on fast short day rides or long tours on back roads. With clearance for large tires even with fenders, it makes a great touring or fire roading bicycle.

Moreover, the Ebisu is hand crafted using traditional lugged construction—an antidote to the virtual ubiquity of tig welded mass production bicycles. There is pleasure not only in riding, but also in owning the Ebisu bicycle. A rich and rewarding lifestyle will never be found by chasing the latest or most expensive equipment fads. Find a tool, whatever the activity you pursue, that will grow with you and provide life-long enjoyment. This is the philosophy behind the Ebisu bicycle.

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in interest in randonneuring, touring and similar types of bicycles. We have changed the Ebisu to reflect these trends.


We have had increasing demand for high-end "cost no object" custom frames. The Ebisu was conceived as a really nice but not too expensive compromise, keeping costs down by using cast lugs and standardized details and sizes. Now we've arranged with our builder to make custom frames with a very high level of craftsmanship including handmade lugs. Custom geometry, custom racks and details, brazed-on centerpull brakes and fully concealed internal wiring will be offered with this model.

About the TONBO

We are also offering a less expensive alternative to the Ebisu. Cost is kept down by using fillet brazed construction (tubes are brazed together without lugs).

Ebisu All-Purpose bike
Ebisu Road bike


There are two basic categories. The ALL-PURPOSE and the ROAD. Click here for a FRAME GEOMETRY CHART.


Offered in either 650B or 700C versions (the latter will now have a wider fork crown like the 650B). A mixte version is also available.

1. Hand-crafted lugged steel frame built with Kaisei tubing and cast lugs
2. Comfortable riding position
3. Stable handling
4. Either 650B or 700C wheel size with clearance for large tires
5. Room for fenders
6. Cantilever brakes
7. Vertical dropouts

Sizes measured in cm, center to center.: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 650B sizes: 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60


We now offer a road mixte and a fixed gear (single speed) road bike. Geometry is generally the same as the standard road frame for any given size. Note that the fixed gear model has rear dropout spacing of 120 mm.

1. Hand-crafted lugged steel frame built with Kaisei tubing and cast lugs
2. Sidepull brakes
3. Clearance for 28c tires and fenders
4. More aggressive geometry
5. Horizontal dropouts

Sizes (c-c): 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

PRICES: for the above models:

road frame & fork: $2200
all-purpose frame & fork: $2500
fixed gear/single speed frame & fork: $21700

Prices for often ordered options:

alternate frame size: $50
alternate rear dropout spacing: $50
alternate frame geometry or bottom bracket height: $100-150
internal wiring in front fork for front hub dynamo: $100

More and more people are ordering touring and randonneur-style bikes. Here are prices for extras commonly part of these designs.

front handlebar bag rack: $295
front handlebar bag rack with attachment for headlamp: $325
rear rack: $345
front rack set for panniers: $425
rear rack set for panniers: $475
chrome plated frame and fork: $800
most of these extras also apply to the new Ebisu Special


The Ebisu Special offers a higher level of finish including handmade lugs. Custom color and geometry is included at no extra cost. Racks, internal wiring and other special details are extra.

Here are some options only available on the Special:

Brazed-on centerpull brakes
Fully concealed frame wiring--this is different than what is offered on the regular Ebisu in that the wiring is fully concealed using our proprietary contact system to route it through the steerer and into the downtube without the wire exiting the frame. A bottom bracket or seat stay dynamo can be used, or a hub dynamo can feed a taillight.

Price, frame and fork: $3900


Very similar in design to the Ebisu Standard (Road, All Purpose and Single Speed), but with fillet brazed frame. Provides a lower priced option.

Price, frame and fork: $1900

Custom color is now available at no extra cost for all frames.