Jitensha Studio


Kimura Flashlight/Stand Light

Traditionally, a flashlight provides lighting when stopped or moving very slowly, as a backup to a generator light. (Of course, many modern headlamps have a built-in stand light.) Old-style incandescent bulbs provide only an hour or so of light from a heavy load of C-cell batteries. This flashlight takes advantage of modern LED technology to provide many hours of illumination powered by a lightweight lithium battery.
Machined from billet, yet evoking tradition, it's a beautiful piece of equipment, as well.

5 LEDs
42mm Lens diameter
Over-all length: 136 mm
uses one CR123A lithium battery
run time of around 2-3 hours if on continuously (not flashing). Comes with small bracket shown on this page.

price: $165

Kimura Billet Stay-mounted Tail Light

Same concept and quality as the head light shown above. Unlike the headlight, the bracket is not included but sold separately.

36 mm lens diameter
Over-all length: 85 mm
uses one CR 2 battery

price: $125

Bracket for Head or Tail Light
Where the light needs to be offset to fit as illustrated in the photo at the top of this page. Screws included.

price: $12

Kimura Frame-mounted Tail Light
Mounts to a special braze-on on the seat tube.

price: $95

Kimura Billet Reflectors

35mm  diameter:  $55
38mm: $60
42mm: $65