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full chrome plated Ebisu Special
Full chrome plated 650B Ebisu Special randonneuse
Ebisu mixte
Ebisu Mixte designed for 650B wheels
A fully chrome plated 650B Ebisu frame
Bruce Marchant's Ebisu
Ed Wong's 650B Ebisu
Ram Subramanian's new Ebisu
Helen Kim's fixed gear
Bob Gong's new Ebisu
A newly built up custom Ebisu with 650B wheels
David Davidson's 2007 650b Ebisu
Nathan Johnson's 2006 Ebisu
Mrs. Keiko Shirai's custom Ebisu mixte.
Ebisu mixte built up in September '06.
Other views of the above bike.
This shows how a nine-speed cassette has been adapted to make room for fender stay attachment hardware.
A single speed road bike just finished the first week of 2004.
A three quarter view of the above bike.
An All Around bike built up in May 2003.
An All Around bike.
An All Around bike.
Head tube closeup of the all purpose bike.
Seat cluster detail of the all purpose bike.
Closeup of the bottom bracket area.
An All Around bike.
The Road model.