Bruno working on an MB3(?)
Shop Rule 1: Tools must be properly aligned at all times.
Work area and display shelves.
Clothes, massage oils and other small items. That's the owner's road bike in the foreground.
A Shula sportif model.
Shula Road Bike
the disc wheel is an experimental superlight model
Sample lugs. Some of them are rejects from the Ebisu project.
A Shula frame designed for brevet-type riding; very light tubing, set up for tubular tires with sidepull brakes.
Hiroshi's (the owner) road bike. It's a Watanabe with Suntour Superb parts.
The shop owner's wife's bike. The 650B wheels make it look like a utility bike, but it's actually extremely light weight.
BridgeStone RBT belonging to Takumi (a former employee).
The store-front. Can you name all the frames?