To place an order, customers may reach us by phone, (510) 540-6240, or email. We will need your credit card information and your billling and/or shipping addresses. We use USPS for smaller items and Fedex for larger/more valuable items.

Returns: We will return or exchange something in unused condition if there is a manufacturer defect or shipping damage due to our negligence (domestic shipping only).

In the case of a manufacturer defect, you must initiate the return within 10 days. The best thing is to contact us immediately. Please be reasonable: bike parts are not jewelry, they are not intended to be cosmetically absolutely perfect and uniform. A defect means an obvious gouge, scrape, something bent or missing, or something that affects the functionality of the part.

Where there is shipping damage, contact us within 2 days of the day of receipt.

Otherwise, all sales are final.