The standard mounting hardware for Honjo fenders does not rely on threaded eyelets on the bicycle frame. Rather, a nut retains the mounting assembly to the eyelet. This can be a problem where there isn't enough clearance, for example, between the outside rear cog and the rear seatstay.

R-type hardware uses the threads in eyelets as typically found on bikes today. This eliminates the nut on the backside of the eyelet.

This hardware set is similar to the tradition one we sell, but uses an allen key to retain the fender stay. It can be seen in the end of the mounting post. These posts do not use the threads in the eyelets. As with the traditional type, the post is held in place with a nut on the backside.
This is a bracket which mounts on the fender and allows the fender to hang from the brake bolt. The traditional method we use on our own Shula and Ebisu bicycles relies on a threaded mount on the underside of either the brake bridge or fork crown. If your frame doesn't have this sort of fitting this bracket makes it possible to fit a Honjo fender. Available for both regular and slim sized fenders.