RSA Sun Handlebar Bags

Each bag is individually made to order, one at a time, by Mr. Kazuo Adachi. These are exquisite masterpieces, undoubtedly the finest bags we've seen, in a field with some serious competition.

Availble in two finish levels, one with leather trim and a wrap-around lid, and the second less expensive version in cotton trim with a standard style lid, these are available by order in a range of colors.

Prices range from $400 to $600.

Pictured are two examples, both in the largest size (sizes vary only by height). The first is trimmed in leather with a wrap-around lid and removeable two layer map pocket. The second has a more traditional lid, probably best for randonneuring events as access to the contents is a bit easier. This one is trimmed in cotton. The map pocket is not removeable but is cleverly designed to make access very easy.

Both styles feature very heavy duty straps, hardware and materials. A shoulder strap is included and these bags can be strapped to the carrying rack on the bottom as well as at the rear.

A note on materials and construction: the side pockets are flush with the sides to improve aerodynamics. Canvas duck is inherently waterproof. When wet, the fibers expand so that water cannot penetrate the bag; contents will remain dry without need for a coating. Leather trim is natural and will darken with use. The wrap-around lid on the more expensive models offers complete protection from rain penetration but does make it harder to get things in and out of the bag while riding.